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What's this about an 'Ill Wind'?

This beautiful Atlantic Blue Cedar was planted around 100 years ago by the Morgan family.

It has been home to lots of squirrels, nuthatches with their lovely steel blue feathers, no end of tits, rooks, pigeons and a family of goldcrests amongst I am sure, many more.

Last week, around 4 a.m. I was woken by a really loud crashing sound. I imagined a chimney pot or something similar must have crashed onto the roof. On walking around I could find nothing until I came to the rear of the house and saw this....

A tree surgeon came to check the remainder of the tree for safety and thought that the huge branch that had toppled would be well over 5 tonnes. So that was my day spoiled!!

Last week Daphne and I and some friends met up at The Bridge Inne at Escley St. Michaels. A very pretty area with the Escley brook running alongside the pub.

This painting

shows the view looking directly downstream. I used watercolour with some highlights in pastel. Thanks for looking. Catch up soon. Nigel.

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I especially like the 'NHS' poppies. Could easily be sold for charity. I will call you about that.

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