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The Moods of the Malvern's

I am now able to concentrate some serious time in my studio and have been captivated by the early morning skies which I have endeavoured to express in my paintings.

The main picture in oil, 18" x 24" shows the view from the rear of the house around 6am. The sun is now rising well to the west of the Malvern's but I started work on this around 3 weeks ago when sunrise was directly behind the hills.

The following pictures are 14" x 18" or 11" x 14"and of the same view with naturalised daffodils at the foot of a beautiful oak tree. One of the pictures is a view some distant from my home but looking to the Malvern's

The following 3 pictures are quickly executed 8" x 10" sketches where I have attempted to arrest a moment in time. Palette knives were freely used here.

Well, that's it folks. Keep happy and well. I will post again soon.

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