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Time to move on...........

Hello folks, may I first apologise for my lack of blogging these last weeks, but Daphne and I are in the process of selling Stoke House, our wonderful home for the last 14 years and buying a country bungalow much better suited to our needs as the inevitable time rolls on!

If all proceeds as it should we will still be living within the area only about 3 miles from Bromyard. This means that all our local connections will be intact.

As things develop we will keep you in touch. My much loved brushes and paints are quietly stored away, a new studio is planned for and hopefully later this summer I will be out and about painting again. The new property has ideal facilities for the pottery and hopefully we can offer the Hereford Branch of the National Autistic Society the opportunity for people to come and have Clay Day experiences with us again. We similarly hope to be able to support the Royal British Legion and Cancer Research UK when we are settled.

All of you who wished me 80th. birthday congratulations thank you so much!

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