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Time to catch up..........

It is time to start thinning the trees in Millenium Wood. Planted to celebrate the Millenium, there is a need to fell some of the now quite large trees to allow more light through the canopy.

Apert from chainsaws, no machinery has been used other than horsepower. These wonderful, gentle animals have hauled all the felled timber. I believe around 150 tonnes have been moved.

These two pictures , 11" x 15" oil on paper are good practice for me , aiming to complete each within a couple of hours.

Hearing todays news about the Covid epidemic fills me with sadness.

At my age, my wife and I may never enjoy the freedoms that life had to offer. Lets hope that a vaccine can be found in the near future.

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That would have been very interesting to watch the horses work. When the trees were planted would it have been better to place them farther apart? Would that have prevented the need for some to be felled?

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