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This weather makes me a bit twitchy.....

....and so I thought it was time to paint some clouds..

Pic 1 is a painting of The Worms Head with the remains of the Helvetia. The story is as follows..

"On the evening of 31st October 1887 the Helvetia arrived from New Brunswick to Swansea. Due to bad weather she eventually sought shelter in Rhossili Bay where she dropped anchor. Later that night the winds strengthened, ripping her from her anchor and drove her onto the sands of Rhossili beach. The ship was completely wrecked and was stripped of anything of value."

My neighbour, Madge Hooper, a herbalist and author of repute who has now passed away at the age of 102 used to live near this bay and remembers as a child playing on the wreck which was much more 'ship-like' in those days.

Pic 2 is the same view more 'loosely' painted 11" x 15"

Pic 3 is my copy of a painting by Constable titled Weymouth Bay. I love the overstated brooding clouds which seem appropiate for the current weather.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my paintings please contact me, 07985 512404 or email Thanks for looking, will post again soon. Nigel

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