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Raining today - but I cut the lawns yesterday!

Hi folks, been through some agonies the last few days but seem to be getting there. My old website was tired and needed lots of attention so this is my final choice. It is a Wix self build site that seems to offer all I need to keep myself up to date.

I have to transfer my domain name and various bits of linking and tidying but nearly there!

So here is my blog with hopefully a couple of pics.

Thoroughly enjoyed doing this picture after hearing of the sale of the site for conversion into upmarket flats. Originally half the size, but after the war it was doubled in size and output with the now familiar 4 chimneys

Watercolour and pastel 22" x 30"
Battersea Power Station circa 1960

Had a meal at a restaurant overlooking Appeldore in the left distance. The sunset was amazing.

From Instow towards Appeldore

View from Eastnor. Watercolour

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