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Poppies, paintings and other things...

A batch of poppies fresh out of the kiln which may not be able to be distributed this year due to corona virus. If you would like one or a number please get in touch. They can be collected from my home at Stoke Lacy ( with safety precautions ) or by post. Please contact me on 07985 512404. The price is same as previouse, £10 each of which £5 goes directly to the Royal British Legion.

Next year is the centennary of the RBL and we hope to be very busy if this pesky disease is controlled

Daphne and I took a ride out to Whitbourne on the A44 and turned off to Whitbourne by the defunc pub, over the Sapey Brook bridge and 150 mtrs to a Lodge where you follow a footpath adjacent to the lodge. No marker boards I am afraid.

About 150 mtrs we came to this weir which used to power a mill.

Been painting a lot and I will post these very soon. Keep well folks. Nigel.

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Nigel Montandon
Nigel Montandon
Jan 02, 2021

Thanks Berkeley


Looks like a romantic walk.

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