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Oh dear! Its nearly June....

Good day folks. Yes, this year seems to be flying by. I had so much planned but Covid 19 has put paid to many things. However, being locked down in beautiful Herefordshire has its own blessings.

This oil painting I am calling 'The light in the valley below' allows me to still travel in my mind to places I cannot go at present.

Oil on paper, 14" x 11" Frame available. Please contact me for further info.

This simple pen and wash sketch is of a building built by my neighbour Madge Hooper who unfortunately is with us no more. In this building she would dry on racks the herbs that she was famous for. An extremely knowledgeable herbalist she grew a wide range of herbs at Herb Farm, here at Stoke Lacy. She wrote books on the subject, travelled far and wide lecturing, including America and New Zealand. She was a delight to have known and died shortly before her 103rd. birthday.

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