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Lockdown fever..... lets get painting!

Yes, its a long haul for Daphne and I so this is a release for me.

I paint for the pleasure I get from trying to relate to the the viewer the emotions I had when I put brush to paper. The commercial value of my work is of secondary importance to me hence you will find these paintings very reasonably priced.

Each year I am pleased to work with a worthwhile charity. This year we have chosen the National Autistic Society, Hereford branch. One third of the value of any sold painting will go directly to them. Your purchase would help a very worthy cause!

We were to have had a number of exhibitions at Stoke House, our home in Stoke Lacy, but due to Covid 19 this is not possible. If any of the pictures on this blog or any other blog interest you please contact us on 07985 512404. We are able to supply frames if required.

'Estuary' Watercolour Mounted 14" x 18". £60.00 (frame available +£10)

'Storm over Dartmoor' Watercolour, Mounted 14" x 18" £60.00 (frame available + £10 )

'Winter Lane' Watercolour Mounted 14" x 18" £60.00. (frame available + £10 )

'Checking the Sheep' Watercolour Mounted 14" x 18" £60.00 (frame available +£10 )

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