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I couldn't believe my eyes........

Walking across my lawn a week ago saw these daffs in bud ready to break in flower soon. What's happening to our weather??

The next two pictures are from a drive into Wales Daphne and I took in that very hot weather earlier on. We went to Bucknell and followed a small road that followed the Redlake river up a valley. It was a beautiful drive and we ended up at a wide gateway with this intriguing sign on the entrance. The view down that valley captivated us both (photo 3).

I then painted a small study and followed this with a much larger, 30 x 20ins picture in oils. You may be able to see Tan Vron farm in the middle distance. We visited at mid day and the overhead sun made for a rather flat picture so I used 'artistic licence' to add a dramatic sky and shadows.

Lastly is a picture of how I store my oil paints between painting sessions in the ice tray of Daphnes fridge. As artists will know, oil paints dry by evaporation of solvents. By 'freezing' the paint solvent evaporation is hugely reduced so it is possible to retain unused colour for days, if not weeks in such conditions. I have used this method of storage for at least 10 years and can assure you I have found NO detrimental effects on repeatedly thawing and re-freezing. This has saved me a great deal of money over the years. Give it a try. Let me know what you think. Take care of youselves and each other. Nigel

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