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Hello you wonderful people.

I have been very heartened by the responses to my facebook/twitter/instagram posts for the National Autistic Society.

As you may know we are running a number of 'hands on ' pottery days for autistic children here, the first being on Monday 17th. Feb. If you would like to be involved please contact Debbie Hobbs, area manager National Autistic Society, Hereford Branch, on 01432 340072 or email

I am working on paintings and pottery at the moment in readiness for World Autism Awareness Week 30th March until 5th April when we shall be open daily from 10am until 5pm. Here are a couple....

The first is an oil painting 'Nightingale Farm', the next is 'Tuscany Poppies' and the last is a picture I am working on. Basic layout completed and ready for final painting. These and many others will be available together with pottery, cards and enough refreshments to float a boat during that week.

See you later folks, Nigel

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