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HAPPY NEW YEAR......( you deserve it!)

Sorry, yes I am a day late.

I was looking through some photos of 2019 as I prepared this blog and I found these first 3 pics of Sidmouth, boats on Beer beach and one hell of a good bar meal we enjoyed in Beer.

The next two are sky studies which I so enjoy .

3 and 4 are miniature paintings known as ACEO or ATCs. They were used by artists in the early years to show off their work to prospective customers. Since then they have become collectable. They measure 3.5 x 2.5 ins and can be mounted and put in small 5 x 4 ins frames.The first are watercolours and the others are oil paintings.

At our gallery at Stoke Lacy and when I exhibit at exhibitions I usually have a couple on display.

The pottery seal I made some time ago. Greatly enjoyed this and I am going to have a break from painting and get the modelling clay out! Plenty of wildlife around us, I should be able to get inspiration.

The last picture is a watercolour 15 x 22 ins of a sunset that happened outside my studio a few days ago. It was so beautiful. I could not do it full justice, but I got this far.

Daphne and I decided this year because of the chaos we would not buy Xmas presents but would go and celebrate like mad after the virus was tamed. I secretly bought her an Amazon Alexa device. On Xmas day we were having great fun with Alexa and rediscovering music which had been lost for years. When we opened our other presents from our 3 lovely sons and their wives we found one of them had bought us a Google nest. Same type of kit. I was able to link Spotify to them both and one is in my studio _ great. One of the benefits of this kit is that they replace DAB radios, give all the info you ask for and play my much loved music. Win win!!

Got to go now, rambled on far too much. Love to one and all. Nigel

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