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Back in the studio!!

From this..................

To this.......Thank you Paul and Aidie from P & A Paving for a great job

Hi folks, first blog for a little while but we are now getting on top of the tasks. We have completed all internal and external works now with the exception of seeding new lawns and setting out Daphne's flower beds.

So I have the brushes and clay out again.

I was recently contacted by Margaret Dallow, a stalwart of the Conquest Theatre, Bromyard , to offer me the chance to exhibit my work in the foyer. I am most grateful for this opportunity as it is a very good exhibition area with good lighting and a great ambience. Thank you Margaret.

If you have not visited this jewel of a place I would urge you to do so.

So its great to be blogging again. Lots more to share with you. Will be back shortly. Nigel.

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