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Xmas, Brahms and other things.........

This has been such a challenging year. We started with great plans to support the Autistic Society this year with open gallery events, teas, potters wheel experiences and other ideas. All these plans to raise funds for the society have been completely wrecked by Covid 19.

We now hope that vaccines being rolled out with amazing speed from countries across the globe will literally save us. This vicious highly infectious bug is capable of modifying its genetic makeup to make itself much more contagiouse. Is this the way that mankind may one day be wiped out?

I have always had a great love for music, due in no small way to my parents making me join Pershore Abbey Choir as a 12 year old. The efforts to train my voice by the then organist, Rodney Baldwin have left me very appreciative of this guy ever since. As I spend many hours in my studio painting these days I usually have some music playing.

One of my best loved pieces is Brahms violin concerto in D major. I have an old tape that I recorded many years ago with the violinist Miriam Fried. (I think that is right).

I find it a very melancholic piece. It made me think of close relatives and close friends I have lost recently as well as over 60000 souls who have succumbed to the virus in this country alone. These have been bad days.

Let me be more positive. Hopefully this vaccine will have this disease nailed this year and we can look forward to parties with our families, holidays away, open days at Stoke House and lots of other goodies. In the meantime Daphne and I are hunkered down at home on our own this Christmas and will be isolating. But we now have Skype, whats app, Facebook messenger, Duo and many more!!! So WE SHALL see our families and loved ones over Xmas and WE WILL have a happy Xmas. However if any of you are feeling lonely or would just like to, give us a ring, that would be great!!!

Finallyfolks, I have been busy and here are some of the works. The first 3 are small countryside oil studies 7.5" x 11" and the last is a larger study of bluebell woodland which I am sure you know by now is one of my favourite subjects. Happy Christmas, be safe, be happy and I look forward to seeing you in the future. Daphne sends her love, xx Nigel

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