Stoke Lacy Church Poppy Installation

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as you may know I am very active with the Royal British Legion making brooches and stem poppies in ceramic clay. As this is a very special year marking the end of hostilities in the Great War our village of Stoke Lacy and our local church wished  to mark the event. A cascade of poppies streaming down our church tower was the chosen theme together with the soldier and child stand that I had made earlier.

As this involved making 100s of poppies and masses of making time we had to ‘streamline’ things a little and we have made the poppies out if red crafting card and used buttons and wire to assemble them. Finally we dipped each poppy in exterior grade PVA glue to make them strong and weatherproof. Many members of our little village took part in the making of these -a truly local enterprise.

I worked with John Westwood, a skilled local retired woodworker to make the framework to which we attached a lightweight mesh. It was then ‘all hands to the pump’ to wire each poppy in place. We also fixed some to canes that can be pushed in the ground around the display. We all agreed that the finished display looks great and are looking forward to erecting this in early September.

Colin Simmonds, a local artist is making a dove which will hover at the top of this installation. What has been very pleasing is the involvement of so many villagers to achieve the finished work.

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Having retired to the beautiful Herefordshire countryside and reached the ripe old age of seventy, I had a wish to share with anyone who may be interested, my love of painting and pottery. I hope you will enjoy your visit.

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