Is this really spring!!

Hi everyone, looking out of my office window and the SUN IS SHINING! Doesn’t it make us all feel better?

Bad news, had a break-in at my workshop here. They stole my strimmers, chain saws, leaf blower and other tools but left the mowers and stuff they could not easily carry. they then went to two neighbouring properties. Police have been brilliant and supplied me Smart Water, stickers and a temporary burglar alarm until I have my all singing and dancing system fitted later this month. This new system will be coupled to my house alarm system so I should sleep better! The insurance company have been great and told me to renew any items as I require. (well done NFU) .

So now to happier things. Daphne has been hard at work packing and delivering poppies. Hereford Cathedral have been lucky enough to have the mobile Tower of London poppy display this month and it looks dramatic. A florist called Sarah Jane, close by the Cathedral put a display of our poppies in her window and has sold more poppies for us than during the whole of the 2018 campaign. Well done Sarah. Thanks also to Cobblers in Hereford who have been selling brooch and stem poppies for us. These people take no commision on their sales. We are all grateful for their efforts.

I also wish to thank a young lady called Rebecca Stevens who owns the business that supplied the petal cutters for the project and has refused payment. She makes a range of sugarcraft or claycraft cutters and also makes to individual requirements. Great girl. Her e.mail address is…

Preparing for our annual Lodon Valley Art exhibition here with some new artists exhibiting with us. We would love to see you here. Come and sample  homemade cakes, maybe have a turn on the Potters Wheel, (children or older love it) view David Prestons superb garden sculpture and see the work of some very talented artists.

I promised Daphne garden time this afternoon so its out with mowers and strimmers for me and follow her instructions!!

One final thing. I have spent rather a lot of time making this montage of a WW1 soldier emerging from the battlefield being gifted a poppy by a grateful modern day child. It is free standing and made of external quality ply so that it can be moved around to various locations. I do hope the sentiment works. This is the first airing of the work.

Thanks for viewing, I will blog again soon. Keep well and happy,   Nigel and Daphne.

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Having retired to the beautiful Herefordshire countryside and reached the ripe old age of seventy, I had a wish to share with anyone who may be interested, my love of painting and pottery. I hope you will enjoy your visit.

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