A New Year in my studio.

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Hello all. I have been thinking long and hard about where I am going with my art. I love painting and would hope to be working for years to come. However I am amassing a lot of completed work. I actively sell at local galleries, exhibitions, Hereford Art Week and others. Whilst I am very happy with local sales I must extend my range of cover. Hence I am looking at social media and online galleries. Its a jungle out there and I am in danger of getting lost.

Watercolour Mounted size 14″ x 11″ Image size 10″ x 7″
£65.00 + post.
Contact me for more info.

Moonlight Symphony ref A2
Watercolour. Mount 18 x 14″
Image size 10″ x 14″
£90.00 + post.
Contact me for more info.

Mount size 8″ x 10″
Image size 7″ x 5″
£30.00 + post
Please contact me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I have just started using  Affordable British Art, an online site which looks promising, plus Etsy, Ebay, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Lots more about these in the future. Please have a look. I am posting a few new pictures for you.

Oil painting framed in attractive neutral grey frame.
9″ x 11″
£110.00 + post.
Please contact me

Author Nigel Montandon

Having retired to the beautiful Herefordshire countryside and reached the ripe old age of seventy, I had a wish to share with anyone who may be interested, my love of painting and pottery. I hope you will enjoy your visit.

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