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'Towards the Malverns'

‘Towards the Malverns’

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Beech Tree at Brockhampton

Beech Tree at Brockhampton

A couple of days ago I stood on our terrace and listened to the birdsong. The silence of the last few weeks was happily broken by the sounds of robins, blackbirds and others voicing their song and telling me that Spring was not too far away. It really lifted my spirits.
I have been working mainly with water colour these last few days and have been striving to keep my work ‘loose’.
Here are the results…


Because I have no idea quite how to manage my new WordPress you will notice text and pics seem to shoot up anywhere. We will get there soon!!

Emmas’ alpacas gave up their lovely fleeces earlier this year ( i posted a video of shearing) and she had them spun and woven into this beautiful shawl that Daphne is so proudly wearing.

Well done Emma.

Well that’s Christmas day done and now we welcome the Family to Stoke House for Boxing Day lunch. Should be great time.

Look after yourselves and others, be safe and happy. I will post again soon.  Nigel and Daphne













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