A chilly post!

Hi everyone, we experienced the first hard frost here last night down to -8 deg. cent, but woke to a beautiful crisp and sunny morning.

The sale of the poppies we make has been busy and I am thrilled to say that we made and sold over £2000. We were delighted to send a cheque for £900 to the Royal British Legion. Thanks to all of you for your support with this venture. Hope to do even better next year.

I have been working with watercolours  since the poppy appeal. Everytime I use this medium its immediacy and beautiful transparency excites me.  I have been comparing the work of modern day watercolourists and realize the success and beauty of  their work lies in its fresh execution and lack of ‘fiddling’ with small brushes. This has been a ‘wake up’ call for me.

The following pictures are by Edward Seago, Edward Wesson, James Fletcher-Watson and Steve Hall. These artists were or are at the top of their profession. But a common thread runs through their work- a lot of suggestion rather than detail and a fluid, ‘loose’ execution.edward-seago edward-wesson-1 jame-fletcher-watson-1 steve-hall-5So my ambition- express myself in paint better!!

So my ambition- express myself in paint better!!

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Having retired to the beautiful Herefordshire countryside and reached the ripe old age of seventy, I had a wish to share with anyone who may be interested, my love of painting and pottery. I hope you will enjoy your visit.

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